Special #5 – Superman


On the day before seeing Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bruce and Jules stop by Culver City to record the Advice From Grown-Ups Superman Special! Comic book expert and Bruce’s brother Aaron calls in from Philadelphia to discuss the history of Superman on the Silver Screen. Which Lex Luthor is the strongest antagonist? During which film did Jules finally understand the meaning of the word ‘hunk’? And upon closer examination, why the heck is Superman so damn rapey? The boys answer these tough questions and others on this super-sized episode!

Advice From Grown-Ups: The Superman Special


Special #4 – Valentine’s Day



It’s the 2016 AFG-U Great Love Quiz-Off hosted by Darren Grodsky! In the most awkward episode of Advice From Grown-Ups yet, Darren peppers Bruce and Jules with questions about their ladies. What are their favorite foods? Most irritating habits? Celebrity crushes? And the only thing more uncomfortable than hearing Bruce and Jules’ guesses, is hearing Allison and Corey’s actual answers. It’s Bruce vs. Jules! Wexler vs. Schwab! Wife vs. fiancée! Find out who comes out on top in the Advice From Grown-Ups Valentine’s Day Special!

Advice From Grown-Ups: The Valentine’s Day Special


Episode 2.8 – ¡Es Una Vida Maravillosa!



The season 2 finale! Live on tape from Ensenada, Mexico!

In room #227 of the Punta Morrow Hotel & Resort, Bruce and Jules prepare for Gordo’s wedding. In fact, there’s only one thing left to do: make sure that before the ceremony, Gordo gets the recording equipment Bruce and Jules are using. There’s just one problem. He’s already left for the venue. Find out what happens on the super-sized season finale!

Episode 2.8 of Advice From Grown-Ups

Happy Holidays!

Advice From Grown-Ups is off for the holidays. We'll be back on New Year's Eve with the Season 2 finale!


Advice From Grown-Ups will be back on New Year’s Eve with the finale of season 2!

Episode 2.7 – “Gordo Getting Married”



It’s been six months since Bruce and Jules returned from Estonia. And that can mean only one thing: Gordo’s wedding is imminent. To mark the occasion, Bruce and Jules devote the entire episode to Gordo Getting Married. What happened with those rare earth magnets? Why did Gordo hand deliver the invitations? And does he plan on being dragged from his wedding “toes pointed down”? Find out, on this week’s Gordo-filled episode of Advice From Grown-Ups!

Episode 2.7 of Advice From Grown-Ups

Episode 2.6 – “Welcome to Estonia”



Bruce and Jules are live on tape from Tallin City, Estonia!

On a pile of laundry in Bruce’s hotel room, the boys compare cultural differences between Americans and Estonians.  Then co-star and guest Judy Jerome drops in to talk New Yawk accents, conquering fears and living forever. It all comes full circle when the boys return to Culver City to offer final thoughts on their trip. Grab your passports! It’s AFG-U in the EU!

Episode 2.6 of Advice From Grown-Ups

Episode 2.5 – “The Graphic Details”



The boys take Manhattan on their way to Estonia!

On dinner break during rehearsal for roger&tom, Bruce struggles with a falafel salad while Jules is coy about a very imminent birthday. Old friend and special guest Karl Gregory stops by to answer a listener generated question but ends up talking the ins and outs of being a drag queen. Mostly ins. It’s the most frank episode of Advice From Grown-Ups yet!

Episode 2.5 of Advice From Grown-Ups

Happy Thanksgiving!

Episode 2.4 – “Otherwise Engaged Part II”



Bruce can take the suspense no longer. He finally hears the less than stunning but thoroughly satisfying final chapter in the saga of Jules’ proposal. On this week’s Gordo Getting Married, Gordo discovers the only bond stronger than marriage: rare earth magnetism. Plus, guest Nicholas Cotz drops by to talk about the gang’s upcoming trip to Tallin City, Estonia.

Episode 2.4 of Advice From Grown-Ups

Episode 2.3 – “Otherwise Engaged”



It’s the most action packed episode of Advice From Grown-Ups yet! Bruce totals his car in a hair-raising accident on the 405. Gordo heroically survives an engagement photo shoot with his loving fiancee. But Jules has the biggest news of all; he’s about to propose to his girlfriend. And before that happens, he wants to talk it through with today’s guest, Corey Volovar Wexler.

Episode 2.3 of Advice From Grown-Ups


Episode 2.2 – “Bloody Death Skull”



In the season’s second episode, Jules is eager to hear about Bruce’s latest acting job: a commercial co-starring his own daughter, Hartley. Gordo gives an update on his upcoming nuptials in the first of an ongoing segment: Gordo Getting Married. And Los Angeles based band Bloody Death Skull stops by to spread chaos, absurdity and yes, even a spot of advice.

Episode 2.2 of Advice From Grown-Ups

Episode 2.1 – “Life Is What Happens”



The boys kick off season two in Culver City! Bruce details an unusually hirsute acting job. Jules laments his on-going unemployment. And Gordo grapples with whether he is engaged to be married (spoiler alert: he is.) All this, plus guest Drew Droege stops by The Studio at BFG Media to field a listener generated question. It’s Season Two of Advice From Grown-Ups!

Episode 2.1 of Advice From Grown-Ups



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Special #3 – Back to the Future

October 21, 2015 is the future no more. On the day Marty and Doc arrive from the past, Bruce and Jules travel to Culver City. The boys dive into Back to the Future Part II’s vision of the future. They examine everything from Griff’s bionic implants to Sleep-Inducing Alpha Rhythm Generators. Plus, what the heck is wrong with Marty Jr.?! Helping to answer that question and others is resident Back to the Future expert Doug Bass. It’s The Back to the Future Special of Advice From Grown-Ups! Great scott!

Advice From Grown-Ups: The Back to the Future Special

Special #2 – 2013 Year In Review

Got the post-Christmas blues?  Then join Bruce, Jules and Gordo as they pop some bubbly for their second holiday spectacular.   They talk Wonder Years.  They talk Gummi Bears.  They talk Michael Bolton.  They wrap up the year that was and preview the year that will be.  So pour yourself a drink and cuddle up with your preferred digital streaming platform for a very Culver City New Years!

Advice From Grown-Ups: 2013 Year In Review

Special #1 – Halloween

Bruce, Jules and Gordo are back in The Studio at BFG Media for their first holiday spectacular.   No topics are too full of scariness as the AFGU Mailbag is opened for the first time.  Join the boys as they break down everything from costumes gone wrong to shark attacks to testicular cancer.  So lock the doors, turn off the lights and crank up the volume.  Because it’s Halloween in Culver City!

The Halloween Special of Advice From Grown-Ups


Episode 1.10 – “One More Night In Hollywood”

The season finale of “Advice From Grown-Ups”.

The end has come.  But at what cost?  During part three of last week’s episode, Jules walked out in frustration.  He’s still nowhere to be found.  In the interim, Bruce organized a super-sized season finale filled with surprise guests.  But it’s all for naught without Jules.  So Bruce and Gordo call Jules, determined to convince him to come in for one last episode of Advice From Grown-Ups…

Episode Ten of Advice From Grown-Ups

Episode 1.9 – “Sibling Rivalry”

Back in Culver City for Season One’s penultimate episode, Jules has exciting news to share with Bruce and Gordo.  He has joined the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Los Angeles.  Moreover, he has already been matched with a sixteen-year-old, high school junior named Carl.  Bruce is proud of Jules and his new approach to growing up.  Until, that is, Jules brings out today’s guest: his little brother, Carl.

Episode Nine of Advice From Grown-Ups

Episode 1.8 – “The File”

The boys are reunited at BFG Media. It was a successful trip east for Bruce. But Jules felt bad for having ambushed Bruce last week and so offered his co-host the reigns. Bruce accepted and has guests secured: filmmakers Darren Grodsky and Danny Jacobs (Growing Up and Other Lies, Humboldt County). Jules is thrilled to see his good friends Darren and Danny. Except, it’s just that he won’t get to…

Episode Eight of Advice From Grown-Ups

Episode 1.7 – “Schwabs”

There wasn’t supposed to be an episode.  Jules has family in town while Bruce is filming in New York.  Nevertheless, Jules and Gordo are in The Studios at BFG Media with guests Neil and Gail Schwab (Jules’ parents).  As Bruce suggested, Jules consults them about potential new directions for the podcast.  That is, until he calls Bruce to co-host from the set of Growing Up and Other Lies…

Episode Seven of Advice From Grown-Ups

Episode 1.6 – “The Meat and Potatoes”

Bruce has been cast in a major motion picture. Next week he is being flown to New York to shoot Growing Up and Other Lies (starring Wyatt Cenac, Adam Brody & Amber Tamblyn). Meanwhile, Jules must face reality: the whole “advice thing” isn’t working. But when this week’s guest Christopher T. Wood (actor and producer) tries to explore new avenues, Jules has trouble letting go.

Episode Six of Advice From Grown-Ups

Episode 1.5 – “This Is Episode Five, Dude.”

Bruce opens with disappointing news. Today’s scheduled guest (Bruce’s wife Corey) is again a no-show. Jules is crushed. But his co-host has found a replacement; Fortune Feimster (writer on Chelsea Lately). Bruce and Fortune share Groundlings stories and dissect their screen tests for Saturday Night Live. Will Jules seek employment advice from a working writer in Hollywood or…?

Episode Five of Advice From Grown-Ups

Episode 1.4 – “The Godfather Part II”

Since last week’s episode, Bruce was cast in and filmed a national commercial. Meanwhile, a jobless Jules saw fit to spend the weekend in Palm Springs. Joined by guest Ryan Dornbusch (a producer at Yahoo!) the conversation devolves from Voltron to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to sexual peaks. But nothing can prepare Ryan for the lowest talking point of all: The Big Question of the Week.

Episode Four of Advice From Grown-Ups

Episode 1.3 – “The Godfather”

The gang is back in Culver City, Los Angeles. Before bringing out guest Nicholas Cotz (college buddy and acclaimed NY theater director), Bruce delves deep into the minds of Civil War re-enactors while Jules is drafted into the Union army (rank Private). But when the conversation turns to Hartley’s Godparents, Jules feels that the selection hits a bit too close to home. Or rather, not close enough…

Episode Three of Advice From Grown-Ups

Episode 1.2 – “Take Your Beer.”

In The Studios at BFG Media, Bruce and Jules decide to “soldier on”, despite last week’s lackluster product. Bruce shares the joys of watching his brother meet his daughter while Jules is bullied by a thirty foot giant. But just as Corey (Bruce’s wife and their first scheduled guest) is about to sit down for The Big Question of the Week, Bruce shares an important piece of information…

Episode Two of Advice From Grown-Ups

Pilot Episode – “Who Are We?”

The premiere episode of “Advice From Grown-Ups”.

In Culver City, Los Angeles, host Jules sits down with co-host Bruce, his best friend and confidante. Get to know the boys as they first hammer out the extent of participation expected of Gordo, their technician, then discuss sitcoms from the 1990’s. But when Bruce finally hears what Jules has in mind for Season One of their podcast, he is something less than excited…

Episode One of Advice From Grown-Ups

“How was I supposed to know this question was wrong for gay people?”

“Why are you being all weird?”

“Hmm. Yes. This is a sexual peak.”

“I didn’t get fired. I got laid off.”

“You bring up salient points.”

“Did they have pencils in ancient Greece?”

“It’s a little nail-on-the-head.”

“I want to help people.”

“This was a lot of work.”

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