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Jules is unemployed, unmarried and struggling to make it as a film and television writer in Los Angeles. Growing increasingly frustrated with his life, he wants advice.
Bruce is his best friend. He is happily married, the proud father of a beautiful baby girl, and an increasingly successful film and television actor in Los Angeles. The only frustrating aspect of his life…is co-hosting this podcast.


Jules struggles to find his way. Bruce juggles daddy-hood with a burgeoning performance career. Together, with a weekly guest and their less-than-impressed technician Gordo, they discuss everything under the sun: from Steve Urkel to Voltron to Bob Dylan to The Civil War to Jethro Tull to Marilyn Monroe to The Power Rangers. Everything, that is, except advice.

The only sitcom/podcast about the worst advice podcast.

Laugh a lot.

Learn nothing.

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