Episode 2.8 – ¡Es Una Vida Maravillosa!



The season 2 finale! Live on tape from Ensenada, Mexico!

In room #227 of the Punta Morrow Hotel & Resort, Bruce and Jules prepare for Gordo’s wedding. In fact, there’s only one thing left to do: make sure that before the ceremony, Gordo gets the recording equipment Bruce and Jules are using. There’s just one problem. He’s already left for the venue. Find out what happens on the super-sized season finale!

Episode 2.8 of Advice From Grown-Ups

Happy Holidays!

Advice From Grown-Ups is off for the holidays. We'll be back on New Year's Eve with the Season 2 finale!


Advice From Grown-Ups will be back on New Year’s Eve with the finale of season 2!

Episode 2.7 – “Gordo Getting Married”



It’s been six months since Bruce and Jules returned from Estonia. And that can mean only one thing: Gordo’s wedding is imminent. To mark the occasion, Bruce and Jules devote the entire episode to Gordo Getting Married. What happened with those rare earth magnets? Why did Gordo hand deliver the invitations? And does he plan on being dragged from his wedding “toes pointed down”? Find out, on this week’s Gordo-filled episode of Advice From Grown-Ups!

Episode 2.7 of Advice From Grown-Ups

Episode 2.6 – “Welcome to Estonia”



Bruce and Jules are live on tape from Tallin City, Estonia!

On a pile of laundry in Bruce’s hotel room, the boys compare cultural differences between Americans and Estonians.  Then co-star and guest Judy Jerome drops in to talk New Yawk accents, conquering fears and living forever. It all comes full circle when the boys return to Culver City to offer final thoughts on their trip. Grab your passports! It’s AFG-U in the EU!

Episode 2.6 of Advice From Grown-Ups

Episode 2.5 – “The Graphic Details”



The boys take Manhattan on their way to Estonia!

On dinner break during rehearsal for roger&tom, Bruce struggles with a falafel salad while Jules is coy about a very imminent birthday. Old friend and special guest Karl Gregory stops by to answer a listener generated question but ends up talking the ins and outs of being a drag queen. Mostly ins. It’s the most frank episode of Advice From Grown-Ups yet!

Episode 2.5 of Advice From Grown-Ups

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