Episode 1.3 – “The Godfather”

The gang is back in Culver City, Los Angeles. Before bringing out guest Nicholas Cotz (college buddy and acclaimed NY theater director), Bruce delves deep into the minds of Civil War re-enactors while Jules is drafted into the Union army (rank Private). But when the conversation turns to Hartley’s Godparents, Jules feels that the selection hits a bit too close to home. Or rather, not close enough…

Episode Three of Advice From Grown-Ups

2 thoughts on “Episode 1.3 – “The Godfather”

  1. Hey there, Julien. I don’t know if we’re officially your godparents, but your parents mentioned to me & David a LONG time ago that if anything ever happened to them, they were leaving you in our care. I’ve always thought of you as our godson since then.

  2. Hearing your voices again reminds me of Marathon House and how sorry I am that I broke your window that night… well, I should say was thrown into your window by a crazy Croatian.

    I’m seriously proud of how grown up you’ve all become.

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